Necessity of learning English by Kh. Atiar Rahman

There is no denying the fact that English language is a combination of four other languages like German, Spanish, Latin and French where the sense of wisdom is predominant in respect of pronunciation, grammar, composition and articles writing. It is my conviction that there exists only one language which can provide everyone an experience of wisdom in modern globalize economic world. English is an International language in the sense that it is a media of wide ranging communication in the field of business, correspondence, history and nationalism. By 2020, this world will be required to unlearn what have been appealing good till 20th century. At the same time, people will have to learn things which will not be available in regional languages. The critic of modernized information and wisdom may be found rare in any language other than English. This is a red-signal to all the non-English speaking people across the world virtually. The governments of more or less all the developing countries are suffering from ego and power politics. They fear to lose their chair to go against the comfort zone of the people. As life has its own hardship; there is hardly any growth or success in comfort zone. People have to come out of that comfort zone and march into new domain to enjoy the happiness of improvement.

The emotions work well for those who have already built the empire to enjoy life particularly in Engliish environment. But it seems that many ever energetic and dynamic courageous youth who have capability to do miracles but unable to find knowledge and wisdom in the regional language may ponder over this to settle the disputes crucially. There is a need to enforce unlearning to fetch the benefit of growth for all. The entrepreneur, executives and managers working in BPOs, Call Centers and IT industry will immediately be grateful for the necessity of this step. It is predominant that starting now, English would help us build an all-encompassing society and renovate a developing country like Bangladesh into a knowledge society.” It is evident that in every sectors of development, there is no alternate of English.

Since last few years, one crucial comparative advantage enjoyed by A developing country like Bangladesh as opposed to its rising neighbor China has been relatively widespread presence of English-speaking people. This advantage will not be there for long unless A developing country like Bangladesh government takes some drastic steps. The recommendations of knowledge commission provide wisdom to A developing country like Bangladesh government. But, let us see how far government reacts on wisdom? In the absence of English, A developing country like Bangladesh will be at disadvantage and A developing country like Bangladesh will be at loss. So there are plenty of opportunities. No society can prosper on old traditions, ethos and even languages. Government which is busy in opening schools based on religion and region to ensure discrimination to fulfill its desire to rule on deprived people will find difficult to accept the recommendation by Knowledge Commission. How far can you ban the integrated networked people across the world by banning on AXN or issuing warning to TV channels? People have the power to reach to the real knowledge and wisdom. Networked people sitting in front of their screen will make a difference. Government may not generate courage to implement such policy immediately but certainly conscious people should understand this. That is what I always emphasize.

The basic thing in which we need to concentrate in learning English writing skills is the grammar part. It is very important to know about present tense, past tense as well as future tense when you write in English. Writing in English is not as easy as speaking in English. It requires proper grammar, sentence formation as well as correct nouns in order to make the reader to understand. The following are the general information’s to the people who write in English and also to people who wanted to learn writing skills and they are:
1) When we put pen to paper in English, it is very imperative that we require to write according to the reader’s height.
2) It is very easier said than done to umpire the viewers on how they will understand the writer’s language. So, it is recommended to write in as straightforward English as we can write.
3) We should steer clear of technical terms, pretentious words. From time to time, these words may sound them in poles apart tone of voice and they do not comprehend the connotation.
4) In order to write in good English, we need to put into practice writing in English ad infinitum by using some best English writing software.
5) All types of writing software will be on hand in the internet and it can be downloaded as well.
6) If we cannot find those software’s then you can use MS word 2007 version and start practice writing on it. MS 2007 software will be available in all operating systems by default and it is very forthcoming to use.
7) In case if we have steadfast some mistake and if the software detects that, make a note of error as well as replacing word so that you will not commit the same mistake next time.
It has been more or less two centuries that English learning was launched in a developing country like Bangladesh and since then it has been playing a vital role in our nationwide life, not to state our educational system. Most people believe that the then British rulers needed some cheap native clerks who could work in their offices much like what Lord Macaulay called “a class of people, A developing country like Bangladesh in blood and color, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and in intellect”. But I don’t know what methods others follow but for me, in the field of gaining knowledge in civilized world, English language is unique in all spheres of life. Even ardent patriots like Raja Ram Mohan Roy expressed that learning English would help A developing country like Bangladesh to understand the philosophical and scientific advancement of the west. Later on English became a national link language and made a developing country like Bangladesh united in their struggle for independence. It has also improved our languages and literature to a great extent. The people of Bangladesh is very much alert about English Education where English has occupied wide-ranging position through out the globe virtually.



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